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        TEL:+86 13262746313



        • Price:¥0
        • Name:XCMG HB52
        • Number:122317241814
        • Category:CONCRETE MACHINERY
        • Date Added:2014/12/23 17:24:18
        • Views:2901

        HB52 concrete pump is the medium size of XCMG machine, and widely applied in high buildings and large foundation equipments of bridge, power plant, steel plant, water treatment plant. The machine features environmental care, safety, reliability and advanced.

        Category Item Unit Parameter
        Chassis Model FM440
        Manufacturer VOLVO
        Max. speed km/h 90
        Max. gradeability 38%
        Min. turning diameter m 27.4
        Brake distance m ≤10
        Wheelbase mm 1995+5205+1370+1450
        Tread (front/rear) mm 2028/1872
        Approach angle/departure angle 18/12
        Min. clearance mm 270
        Tyre specification 12.00R20
        Engine Model D13
        Output power kw/(r/min) 324/1400~1800
        Max. torque N.m/(r/min) 2200/1050~1400
        Displacement l 12.8
        Emission Standard Nation III GBⅢ
        Others Dimension (Length×Width×Height) mm 14665×2500×3990
        Total vehicle weight kg 47000
        Fuel tank capacity l 410
        Fuel consumption per 100km l/100km 50
        Pumping operation
        Pumping system Theoretical output(high pressure/low pressure) m3/h 90/138
        Concrete pumping pressure(high pressure/low pressure) Mpa 13/8.7
        Theoretical pumping times(high pressure/low pressure)


        Max. diameter of pumping concrete aggregate 40
        Feeding height 1450
        Placing boom Pumping slump range 12-23
        Reach height 51.5
        Reach depth 40
        Slewing radius 47.5
        Slewing angle 364
        1st boom stretch angle 96
        2nd boom stretch angle 180
        3rd boom stretch angle 180
        4th boom stretch angle 180
        5th boom stretch angle 260
        Outrigger spanOverall outrigger span   11020±50
        Front outrigger transverse span   10730±50
        Rear outrigger transverse span   10430±50
        Others Dosing type S valve
        Lubricating method Automatic lubrication
        Controlling method Manual/remote control
        Water tank capacity 650
        Max. pressure of water pump 2

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