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        TEL:+86 13262746313



        • Price:¥0
        • Name:XCMG HZS180/2HZS180
        • Number:122317313715
        • Category:CONCRETE MACHINERY
        • Date Added:2014/12/23 17:31:37
        • Views:3092
         High efficiency, low fuel consumption, and environmental care.
        ? Modular function and design; quick installation and site transfer.
        ? Equipped with Italy SICOMA dual-horizontal axis forced type main mixing machine, featuring superior mixing capacity and high reliability.
        ? Measurement, control and signal transfer element all adopt products of world famous brand; independent measuring of various kinds of materials (or cumulative measurement), stable performance and accurate measurement.
        ? Advanced industrial computer + PLC control mode,  inferior PLC executive signal sampling and output control, superior industrial computer dynamic displays the production process and management. It can achieve full automatic control and manual control, featuring simple operation, friendly interface, high reliability and flexible expanding.

        ? It can also be designed according to the requirements and conditions (i.e. site, output, environmental care, structural appearance).

        Items Unit HZS180/2HZS180
        Theoretical productivity m3/h 180/360
        Dump height m 4
        Model of main mixing machine   MAO4500/3000
        Mixing power kW 2X55
        Nominal volume of main mixing machine L 3000
        Production cycle s 60
        Aggregate diameter mm ≤80
        Aggregate bin volume m3 4X25
        Powder bin (optional)volume t 4×200
        Batching plant capacity L/bin 4800
        Inclined belt conveyor capacity t/h 900
        Concrete spiral conveyor capacity t/h 110
        Coal ash spiral conveyor capacity t/h 75
        Standard installed capacity kW 260/520
        Weighing range & accuracy of sand/stone kg (0~3600)±2%
        Weighing range & accuracy of cement kg (0~1500)±1%
        Weighing range & accuracy of coal ash kg (0~700)±1%
        Weighing range & accuracy of water kg (0~700)±1%
        Weighing range & accuracy of additives kg (0~70)±1%

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