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        • Price:¥0
        • Name:LW900K
        • Number:71815472217
        • Date Added:2013/7/18 17:23:38
        • Views:1777

        Items Unit Parameters
        Rated bucket capacity m3 5
        Rated load kg 9000
        Operating weight kg 29500
        Max. traction kN 245
        Max. breakout force kN 260
        Boom lifting time s 7
        Total time of 3 devices s 12.5
        Tyre 29.5R25
        Overall dimension mm 9400×3500×3770

        Engine model Cummins QSM11-C335
        Type Water cooling, 4 stroke
        Suction Turbo charging, air intercooler
        Cylinder amount 6
        Cylinder bore
        Piston displacement 10.8L
        Speed controller Electronic, whole process speed control
        Power 250kW(335HP)
        Rated revs 2100rpm
        Fuel system Direct injection
        Max. torque 1647nm@1400rmp
        Lubrication system Gear pump forced lubrication
        Filter Full flow type
        Air filter (double element, dust discharge and dust indicator) dry type
        Hydraulic torque converter
        Type Single stage, 2 phase, 3 elements
        Type Planetary gear
        Travel speed km/h
        Drive system 4WD
        Front wheel Fixed, full floating type
        Rear wheel Central pin bearing, full floating type, 26° swing
        Reduction gear Spiral bevel gear
        Differential gear Common gear
        Final drive Planetary gear, first stage reduction
        Service brake Full hydraulic wet type disc brake (4 wheels)
        Parking brake Wet type disc brake
        Emergency brake Also used as parking brake
        Type Articulation, full hydraulic power steering
        Steering angle bidirectional 40°
        Min. turning radius(by outer wheel center) 6200mm
        Steering system
        Hydraulic pump Gear pump
        Max. flow 168ltr/min
        Pressure of safety valve 19MPa
        Steering cylinder
        Type Double acting piston type
        Cylinder amount 2
        Cylinder bore × stroke 115mm×445mm
        Loading control
        Hydraulic pump Gear pump
        Rated flow 294+168I/min
        Pressure of safety valve 20MPa
        Operating cylinder
        Type Double acting piston
        Cylinder amt. - cylinder bore × stroke:
        Boom 2-180mm×880mm
        Bucket 1-220mm×590mm
        Control valve Single handle
        Control device
        Boom Lifting, retaining, descending, floating
        Bucket Back inclination, retaining, dumping
        Cylinder operating time
        Lifting 7 s
        Dump 1.2 s
        Descending (empty bucket) 4.3 s
        Cooling system 65L
        Fuel tank 420L
        Engine 33L
        Hydraulic system 340L
        Drive axle (each) 66L
        Transmission 64L

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