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        • Price:¥0
        • Name:XCMG?XS162J
        • Number:7231122318
        • Date Added:2013/7/23 11:08:30
        • Views:2021

        XS142J/XS162J/XS182J vibratory compactor is a kind of heavy duty self-propelled vibratory compactor. It can effectively compact various soil layers and rock fill, and can be applied to the constructions of modern freeways, airports, embankment fill, ports, dams, railways, mines, etc.

        Performance feature
        ?The spacious and bright cab features wide view and comfort.
        Simple operation
        ?The humanity instrument panel has a reasonable layout, all the control buttons are clear at a glance.
        ?Adopt the gearbox with synchronizer, which is easy to operate.
        ?The special compactor drive axle has the function of preventing slipping, featuring strong traction.
        Reliable and durable hydraulic system
        ?The standard configuration includes imported open gear pump and motor. The optional configuration includes closed hydraulic vibration system, imported piston pump, motor (16t, 18t). All those have a long service life, supplying stable start-oscillation and oscillation stop and high compacting quality.
        Energy-saving and environmental friendly power
        ?Shanghai Diesel Engine 114 series water-cooled engine has low noise, meeting the emission standard of European I. The maintenance-free battery can be started easily and work smoothly in low temperature.
        High efficient and reliable vibratory compacting system
        ?Unique drum structure features good rigidity and intensity. The bearing adopts short cylindrical bearing, featuring high rotary speed limit and strong bearing capacity. The left vibration chamber and right vibration chamber are symmetrical, avoiding the polarization of the drum.
        ?The vibratory bearing can be lubricated when the compactor travels, which is simple and convenient, ensuring a quite low lubricating system failure rate. 
        ?Adopt the numerical control blanking, numerical control plate rolling, numerical control bender, and numerical control horizontal machining center to ensure the precision of the whole machining.
        Optional configuration
        ?The integral convex block drum, split convex block drum, and the cab with air conditioning.
        Convenient maintenance
        ?The engine cover is easy to open, and the opening angle is large, which make the maintenance part accessible.
        ?The high positioned air intake prolongs the maintenance interval of the air filter.

        Model Unit XS162J
        Operating weight kg 16000
        Weight on front drum kg 7700
        Static linear pressure N/cm 362
        Speed range km/h
        Speed I 2.54
        Speed II 4.97
        Speed III 10.51
        Theoretical gradeability % 30
        Min. external turning radius mm 6500
        Steering angle ° ±33
        Oscillating angle ° ±11
        Vibration frequency Hz 28
        Nominal amplitude (high/low) mm 1.9/0.95
        Excitation force (high/low amplitude) kN 290/145
        Engine model SC8D156.2G2B1
        Type Water cooled, pressurized Water cooled, pressurized
        Max. power kW 115@1800r/min
        Engine oil consumption g/kW.h 223
        Hydraulic oil tank capacity L 170
        Fuel tank capacity L 240

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