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        TEL:+86 13262746313




        SEALAND China construction machinery solutions co,.Ltd is a leading exporter of construction machines in China, located in eastChina,Shandongprovince. Since it was founded, based on the advantage of XCMG, FOTON LOVOL, CHANGLIN, which are the top construction machinery brands inChina, we gradually accumulated great reputation and plenty of customers in oversea market. Nowadays, we continually introduce other top Chinese brands, like LIUGONG, HBXG, SHANTUI and so on. 

        With a balanced and diversified approach towards the ever changing market scenario in perfect combination with strategic management and organic growth, Sealand international has emerged as a renowned exporter of a wide range of top Chinese Construction Machinery. Bringing you the best of construction manufactured by reputed manufactures of China, we assure you of immaculate quality and excellence.

        We are a professional trading firm, specializing in providing international markets with a variety of top Chinese construction machinery. We have an annual sales volume of 50 million USD business, containing 600-700 construction machines.

           With a rich experience of several years, we have acquired requisite expertise and experience in our domain, we obtained great progress in the past a few years. A well coordinate and expertly management of operation system and professional and international sales team enable us to turn orders into final products and export them to approximately 60 countries and religions in global.

          Hereby, SEALAND sincrely invites you to join us and enjoy our briliant success in near future!

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