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        TEL:+86 13262746313




        Warranty and service

        SEALAND treatS Service as a significant segment in our value chain, from the moment you get in touch with SEALAND, our commitment to service is a complete guarantee that we will make every effort to be there for you. That is our pledge to you. We wish to not just satisfy but surpass the expectations of our customers.

        SEALAND offers 1 year or 2000 working hours guarantee for our customers, during this period, the spare parts which

          are damaged during normal operation will be provided free of charge Moreover, SEALAND will forward the latest service policy of all our manufactures and try to get more benefit for our clients.

        2000working-hours or year warranty


        Training and maintenance

        SEALAND provide training lessons with the factories together every year., during which, the clients would learn about how to fix the machines, how to do the reassembly and solve the common problems of different machines, like loader, tractor, cranes and so on.

        Together with the machines, there will be instruction of how to do the daily maintenance, try the best to extend the use term of the machines

        Spare parts business

        Sealand got great business relationship with Weichai, FOTON,XCMG,SINOTRUCK, so we can provide almost all series of spare parts, covers engine, construction machines, heavy/light trucks and tractors.

        We promise to provide the best spare parts with competitive price.


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